High tech exercise – easier or frustrating

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High tech exercise – easier or frustrating

Don’t stress yourself out with all the tech gadgets for exercising.  Many people find them useful and a great motivational device.  If you are a techy that’s the way to go.  For some people it becomes a chore once the novelty wears off.  They spend more time loading it to their pc than exercising.  Use common sense, if you are becoming more frustrated by having to wear a device or log on, take a break and use it only when you have the time.  If you love to see the results and it motivates you keep doing what your doing.  If you feel overwhelmed just chill and exercise the old fashioned way.  The key to exercise is to have fun high tech or no tech and time, intensity out there.  The health benefits happen either way.

Always consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise regimen.


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