Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

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Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating:

  1. Learn the difference between physical and emotional hunger. Is it time to eat to refuel your body? Learn the difference between eating to fill a physical need and eating emotionally. Is your stomach growling or is it boredom or stress eating.

  2. Eat slowly and listen to your body for clues that you’re physically satisfied. It takes 20 minutes before your brain will realize it is full, eat slow.

  3. Eat only at the kitchen table to avoid mindless eating by the t.v.

  4. Eat portioned controlled foods such as shakes or meal replacement bars.

  5. Don’t eat in bed or on the sofa. Eat at the kitchen table. Stop emotional eating by eating in the same place all the time.

  6. Treat your body with respect: exercise it, move it around, listen to it, and pamper it. Tune in to your body to stop emotional eating. Go for a massage.

  7. Look for connections between the events in your day and your cravings for food. Identify the triggers that push you over the line and make you want to eat mindlessly (eg, coworker is nagging you)

  8. Deal with your triggers. If you can’t stop them from your life entirely, find ways to plan your defense. Eating mindlessly makes things worse. Start a blog or journal for your private use. Get additional help if needed.

Though these tips to stop emotional eating may seem difficult at first, they will become habit after repeating them daily. With practice and time, you can overcome your craving. Habits form over time just like emotional eating starts, work on forming new healthy habits.


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