Walking shoes

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Walking shoes

While enjoying a summer walk you may think of a cell phone, bottle of water in hand or sunscreen but don’t forget the shoes.  A well fitted proper walking shoes can make the walk even more enjoyable.  If your current shoes are 6 months or older and you logged over a couple hundred miles on them, time for a new pair.   Using worn out shoes or improper shoes you may be causing more physical stress to your body.   In time you can develop bunions, heel issues or even knee and back pain.  Many times knee issues start with improper shoes or worn out ones.   Start by researching shoe models on the internet.  Try to find  a pair for your foot type or ask at a local walking/runner store if you need assistance.  An orthotic can even benefit many people that have foot issues.  Consult a Podiatrist if you have been experiencing foot pain that stops you from walking.  So take the time to make your walk fun, not painful.


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